Marilyn B.
Katy, TX

The staff at Spero Rehab are all great! A nice pleasant friendly atmosphere so you feel comfortable right away! Mike is absolutely terrific , extremely interested and knowledgeable. Rene has such an awesome upbeat view and strong hands and Todd does great deep trigger therapy.  Kevin, Rick and Stacy are also there to help and everyone always has a smile. I've had PT other places in the past and never felt as comfortable as I do at Spero. Roxanne gets you scheduled easily at the front desk. I highly recommend Spero if you find yourself needing PT. Good people!!

Tex J.

Houston, TX

First to Review
Best place to receive physical therapy.  Mike is the best therapist I have ever met.  He has good command of his knowledge, and is excellent with manual techniques.  I didn't think I was ever going to get better before I came here, but I trusted him and listened to what he said, and now I no longer have pain.  When I do get pain, I perform my home exercises consistently like he taught me, and then the pain goes away again.

Sean Andree

a month ago

First off lets start by saying 5 stars is not enough to rate the excellent care and service you will receive from the staff at Spero Rehab.  Secondly I will let you know that I am here due to a decently sever and painful case of Ehler Danlos Syndrome Type III.  I only mention that because if you have the same, I strongly urge you use this facility.  

The Front:
For any place to operate to its fullest potential, the scheduling and front desk staff must be on top of their game.  Roxanne is the smiling face and joyful voice that you encounter 95% of the time when doing scheduling or billing.  With how busy the business is, (as it has earned that good of a reputation to always stay busy), you would think there are 3 or 4 of Roxanne working at a time. Every so often when calling, you will be asked to briefly hold, but please know this is only because she is giving FULL and EXCELLENT to every patient.  Kim is the other wonderful face that I have received the other 5% of the time, and I guarantee she was trained by Rox!

The Back:
Spero was the first rehab facility I have been to that has only employed those with a TRUE passion for seeing others get better.  You can see it on every therapist face in the building, every day.  They are there because they care about you and LOVE what they are doing. 
In starting out, I used 3 different therapist. I do urge you try out 2 to 3, for a few sessions, in order to see who can help you achieve the most.  Everyone has a different way of understanding what is wrong with them, and likewise for those trying to heal you and teach you about our disease/problem.  
After knowing I only have 20 sessions covered, I quickly settled on Chris and Mike as my therapist.  These two guys really know how the human body works, the muscular system, tendons, pressure points, stretches, exercises, etc. you name it, they know it!  They also have a great way of helping you understand all those medical terms in ways that can help to your advantage.  Not only do they know what they are doing, but they are understanding of everyone's condition and frame of mind. They are patient and kind when I am in pain, and also always have a great sense of humor!

P.S. The music is ALWAYS GREAT!

Deeya Maple
in the last week

I highly recommend them.  Mike and Todd helped my knees, ankles, feet like crazy.  They made me a believer.  I've got to PT before, but nothing like these guys.  They totally think outside of the box (what box?) when it comes to what you are experiencing.  If I had found them years ago, just maybe my knees wouldn't have worn down like they did.

Baseball Houston
2 months ago

Very impressed with this rehab facility. Their staff is well educated and experienced and truly concerned with the health of their patients. What sets this facility over the top is the indoor  workout hydro therapy with floor treadmill in the pool. Highly recommend if someone has mobility issues. Also congrats to their Austin location. Way to go Spero!

Erica Tucci
a year ago

I can't say enough good things about Spero. I had a stroke in June 2011 and since then, have been going to rehab on and off at Spero. With Katie Bouchillon at the helm as the owner (an OT herself), there isn't anything else to expect except superior service. All therapists, technicians and administrative staff create a wonderfully energetic, exuberant and encouraging environment, even for the most traumatic situations. Though the rehab sessions are absolutely grueling (they make you work so hard) I know I am in good hands. They all know their stuff! My goal is to fully recover this year and I know with Spero's help, I will! I have a 40th high school reunion in October where I plan on strutting my stuff!!

Wendy Thomson
2 years ago

Wow!  Spero Rehab is a wonderful place.  You get to know all the therapist.  They are all so positive and friendly.  You feel like part of their family and not a number.  They work on your whole person not just your weak part....for example they helped train my brain as well as my ability to walk.  I had a major brain stem stroke and have been going there for 3 days a week for a year and 9 months!  I have gone from being in a wheel chair to using a walker and sometimes taking steps on my own.  I couldn't raise my arm an inch and now I can raise it over my head!  The therapists are very knowledgeable.  They really care, are encouraging, try hard to get you better and work together as a team!  The assistants and receptionist are also very warm and welcoming!

A Google User

5 years ago

Highly recommended. I have spent the past 12 weeks successfully rehabbing a rotator cuff surgery, and I can't imagine having done it without Katie and her staff.  Spero Rehab is a breath of fresh air in today's impersonal, often frustrating medical system. It is very apparent that they love what they do, they care about their patient's success, and they want to grow their business through hard work and customer satisfaction.  Spero has created a uniquely open, encouraging, positive, high energy atmosphere.  I actually liked going there.  (sometimes just for a laugh and some good natured political discourse...).  Worth every penny of my co-pay. If (when) I need another rehab, I'll certainly go back.  Ahh Jeez, they're good.

John Miller
a month ago

After every surgery I had from a career ending motorcycle accident, without the assistance of the therapist at Spero Rehab, I would not be walking as well as I am today.

Thank you Spero Rehab for your experienced and knowledgeable therapist and getting me going once again.

Russell Mcafee
6 months ago

Great facility and great staff. I would recommend to anyone looking for a rehabilitation facility.

Laurie Wilson

2 months ago

The therapists at Spero have been stellar and an instrumental part of my boyfriend's recovery from a hemorrhagic stroke.  The OT and PT therapies have generated measurable results in flexibility, strength, mobility, weight-bearing and balance.  The speech therapist even incorporated exercises that involve his hobbies and passions in life to make each session more enjoyable.  This rehab facility is so wonderful to work with and we are very thankful for their help!

Ray Cantu
2 years ago

The best part about my ACL surgery was the recovery process I had at Spero Rehab!! The staff are always friendly, accommodating and patient. I just might have someone break my legs just so I can see them again!. Thanks Katie and crew for making my recovery process not so painful.

Spero Rehab is by far the best therapy clinic in the area!  The therapists are friendly, very knowledgable, and are there for each and every patient's well being.  The setting is different from any other therapy clinic I have stepped foot into.  It is homey and clean and does not have that "white wall-hospital feeling".  The equipment is top notch as well.  If you need OT or PT for any reason, Spero Rehab is the place to go!

Physical, Occupational, Speech & Aquatic Therapy

barbara farley
a month ago

Super professional and also fun...
cutting edge technology...
I recommend to everyone!!!


Ryan Brady D.
Katy, TX

I have been an off and on patient for over a year for chronic issues. The therapists there have really helped me get relief from my ailments. I really enjoy the friendly atmosphere, every single staff member there is wonderful and going to physical therapy is like going to visit with family instead of a dreaded appointment. Thanks Mike, Rene, Kevin, Stacy, Meagan, & Rick!

Sherry G.
Richmond, TX

I have a great team I see at Spero. I have EDS and their knowledge of the disease and how to treat the pain is amazing. I normally see Mike, Renee, and Chris.  Mike has so much knowledge and is constantly updating his skills.  He helps me work in n relaxing skills and helping me understand what is happening to my own body.  Renee has magic hands! Chris is great at helping me stabilize and strengthen my joints.  Awesome team!!

Jane Moughon
2 weeks ago

Very knowledgeable and friendly staff committed to their clients. I highly recommend their services. 

Lisa Ramsey
2 years ago

The atmosphere at Spero Rehab is so healing! The people all have such a positive and encouraging spirits, from the administrative staff to those who actually take you through therapy. I always feel better just walking in the door; they help me understand the mind/body connection-and knowing that so much of what I feel is 'normal' and treatable-just lifts my soul! They have an incredible team of therapists who have expert knowledge that covers every spectrum of rehabilitation. I have had two back surgeries in a year's time and they have been with me every step of the way. Prior to my first surgery, I spent several weeks in the water-strengthening muscles that I would need as my back healed. After surgery, I totally shocked my nurses and my doctor by getting out of bed and walking on the same day as my double lumbar fusion!!! It was all because of the excellent guidance I received from my PT doc at Spero. Over time, I have watched the improvement of other patients too. No matter your issue, Spero Rehab has a solution....I encourage EVERYONE I know who needs rehab to get to Spero, no one has been disappointed!