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This is our Story

By: Katie Bouchillon



Katie Bouchillon, Spero Rehab's Owner and Clinical Director, founded her clinics with the vision of providing patients and their families with innovative, research-based treatment facilities that also provides for their creature comforts. The result are clinics that balances state of the art equipment with personalized care; they focus on professionalism and quality healthcare while offering a relaxed, soothing atmosphere for both patients and family members. Spero Rehab provides physical, occupational, speech, aquatic, and robotic assisted therapies to both neurological and orthopedic patients, as well as offering a wellness, sports training, and community gym program to patients, businesses, and the local community.  

Katie has been a licensed occupational therapist in the state of Texas since 2005. She earned her Master of Occupational Therapy degree from the University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences. In order to meet the needs of her patients, Katie has been certified as an Assistive Technology Professional, a Certified Kinesiotape Practitioner, received her Mastery Certification in Manual Therapy, and has been designated a Certified Brain Injury Specialist Trainer by the Brain Injury Association of America. 

Katie is on multiple non-profit boards all relating to brain injury, spinal cord injury, and post 9/11 veterans.   

Katie is a member of the American Occupational Therapy Association, The American Physical Therapy Association, the Brain Injury Association of America, The American Acadamy of Spinal Cord Injury Professionals, the Texas Occupational Therapy Association and the Rehabilitation Engineering Society of North America.  



We Are Committed to be the Best.


Spero Rehab is committed to being the best and most advanced outpatient therapy group in Texas. With the ability to choose from 3 different locations within the Houston and Austin area, we have the privilege of working with the top therapists in the state of Texas who have a variety of skills proven to help your recovery.


Our commitment to be the best is founded in 3 important values that we hold to. We believe in a holistic treatment of the body, gaining advanced modern knowledge and having a personal relationship with you.

1. First, by treating the body holistically, we mean that we treat the body as a whole, not just by body part. This includes not only the physiological, but the psychological as well. We strategize in the practical so you can get back to your everyday life activities as well as having the drive to do something incredible!

2. Second, we pride ourselves in constantly learning and gaining advanced modern knowledge of new and innovative technology, techniques and certifications so that we are ready for any common and not so common injuries. We have equipment such as the hocom, techniques such as trigger point and dry needling and all of our therapist are required to continue through education in many different concentrations.

3. Lastly, we are personal. This means you are not an objective to please the healthcare system, but we treat you as a human and feel your pain, hurt and need for help. We have personal, individualized programs whereby we are in constant contact with your doctors, therapists and family members. In our clinics, our staff is family and so are you so we often have events or get togethers that you are invited to join and celebrate with!


Now that you have learned about us…..

Spero Rehab is not just a "hi-tech", research-based healthcare facility, we want it to be a comfortable, relaxed place where our patients can meet their therapeutic goals and family members can get the support and care that they need. Patients' families are welcome in the clinic and are encouraged to participate, wherever appropriate, in their loved ones' treatment. Support and information will be available through a website and computer station in the clinic, and we will offer community education programs and support groups at our facility. Spero's holistic approach to patient care includes involving your family, loved ones and support network working as a team to restore your functional capabilities.