What are the benefits of therapy?

Working with a qualified therapist, whether that is a Physical, Occupational, or Speech Therapist- will help you regain function and restore normal movement to the injured area of your body. We will work with you to set goals and objectives and then develop a personalized treatment plan to help you reach those goals in the shortest amount of time possible.

Do I need to see a physician before I can receive therapy?

Yes. In order for you to receive therapy treatments, you need to obtain a prescription from your physician. If you would like for us to assist with you with receiving this from your doctor- please let us know. You can also find a link to the prescription form on our Forms link. You can print this and have your doctor fill it out for you.  

Will my insurance cover my therapy?

Medical insurance generally covers physical, occupational and speech therapy treatment. However, each insurance plan is different.  We are in-network with most insurance carriers so give us a call and our staff will be glad to assist you in determining your benefits. If a deductible, co-payment, or co-insurance is due you will be required to pay that at the time of your service.

What do I need to wear?

You will need to wear comfortable clothes and tennis shoes, like you would wear for light exercise outside or at the gym. If you will be participating in our aquatic therapy program- a bathing suit is recommended, however athletic clothing is also permitted.

What do I need to bring with me to my first appointment?

Please visit our Forms page and complete your new patient paperwork electronically prior to your first appointment.  Also, please bring your physician's referral/prescription, your insurance card, and your driver's license with you if you were not able to upload them for any reason.  We do have paper forms at the clinic if you are unable to access the forms online. 

Can I continue to utilize the gym after I graduate from therapy?

Absolutely! We encourage all patients to join our wellness program upon graduation from their therapy services. Speak with your therapist or our front desk manager for details.  We also have a Personal Trainer onsite that runs both a post-rehab program, as well a a stretching program.  You are welcome to participate in anything and everything we have to offer at our clinic.

How often will I come to therapy? How long does each session last?

Each therapy session lasts about one hour; however the frequency and duration of the appointments varies for each patient. This will be determined after your initial evaluation.

Physical, Occupational, Speech & Aquatic Therapy