Advanced Robotic Treatment


Advanced robotic therapy interventions are utilized in our Spero locations to further advance our clinical interventions during treatment. Robotics in no way replace therapy, however are used as a tool for our therapists to help you reach your goals sooner. There are two main types of robotics that we utilize at our locations:

Exoskeleton systems: These systems mirror the structure of the human skeleton and joint movements. Exoskeletons offer more precise control of joints, but they also require a longer and more complex setup time, can be a bit larger, and may feel confining for some patients. Examples of some of the exoskeletons that we utilize are the LOKOMAT and the INDEGO. Follow the links to learn more information on how these devices could help you on your path to recovery.

End-effector systems: These systems offer a faster setup and greater adaptability when compared to exoskeleton devices, which instead offer more precise joint isolation. End-effectors usually make contact with the limb at the distal end of the device, utilizing a hand rest or arm cradle to support the affected UE. An example of an end-effector system we utilize would be the ARMEO.

We are also integrating new technologies into our treatments daily such as:

  • EMG/Biofeedback

  • FES (functional electrical stimulation)

  • Sensor-based systems

  • Virtual reality

  • Lokomat

  • Neu-Fit

  • Bioness

  • Armeo

  • Indego Exoskeleton

  • Medi-Touch