Physical, Occupational, Speech & Aquatic Therapy

Spero's individualized programs not only include therapy and modalities, but a truly individualized treatment plan based on your goals to ensure we maximize the healing process. In addition, we communicate regularly with your doctors, using the physicians' portal on our website and our specialized software, so that they can monitor your progress and participate actively in your therapy. We recognize the importance of early and continuing treatment in helping neurological and orthopedic patients optimize functional gains. Our team is committed to providing the highest quality, consistent level of care at the earliest possible time so that you can experience the quality of life you deserve.

But Spero Rehab is not only a "hi-tech", research-based healthcare facility, we want it to be a comfortable, relaxed place where our patients can meet their therapeutic goals and family members can get the support and care that they need. Patients' families are welcome in the clinic and are encouraged to participate, wherever appropriate, in their loved ones' treatment. Support and information will be available through a website and computer station in the clinic, and we will offer community education programs and support groups at our facility. Spero's holistic approach to patient care includes involving your family, loved ones and support network working as a team to restore your functional capabilities. 

About Spero Rehab

Spero Rehab is committed to being the best and most advanced outpatient therapy facility in both Houston and in Austin. We believe in utilizing a holistic treatment approach, meaning we treat your body as a whole, rather than simply focusing on the injured area. Our clinic offers physical, occupational, speech and aquatic  therapies using the newest, proven techniques and practices. We also offer a wellness program to patients and the local community, as well as an open gym program during set business hours. Our approach to patient care combines the latest technology and equipment with the knowledge and experience of our nationally recognized therapy team. This enables you to shorten your healing time and get back to the things that are most important to you.